Top 22 Best Torrent Sites (Fast Torent Sites) (Updated November 2016)

Best Torrent Sites – We Already Know In This Generation All we want the Best Torrent Sites For Downloading their Files Like Videos, Games, Movies, Songs Or Any Paid Software etc.And Then For these things we are searching the best free torrent download sites.We Also Know Getting the Top & High-Quality Torrent Sites is not easy as we think.So For Them, We Are here going Write in this Article About the Best Torrent Sites From Which You Can Download Your Favourite Files Easily Without Any Issue.

We’ve added a Total Of 22 Best Torrent Sites Which were used To search or downloading anything as per your wish. And These Are The Best Ones For Torrent Download users Because We Know Most of the Users Are Downloading their Files On torrent Because Torrent is Safe For Downloading Files And We’re Getting a Good Speed Of Download File Too.Moreover, If You are not getting good download Speed in any torrent software, then you can try Our zbigz Premium account for faster downloading speed or Bytebx.

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Best Torrent Sites

Why are we using Torrent? Because some users Don’t Get Thier Files in any place.So There Is Only Last Option Of Torrent to Download their files.However, You would also love to See The Best Email Client For mac as In this article we have added Torrent sites for all Operating Systems.It’s Doesn’t matter in Which platform you are.So Before Starting the Whole Article Let Me Explain About What Is Torrent? and Which were the Fast Torrent Websites.

What is Torrent?

Torrents is a kind of download Sites Which is Working With Peer To peer File Sharing And Then It’s Start Downloading files.From Which we can easily get our all files Without any much search.Which Help Users To Download Thier Most Important Files Or Serial Key Or Any Paid Software.You can download easily With Torrent.It’s Help Users To Download Thier Files In Max Download Speed And If Your Connection is Lost Between The Downloading.Then Don’t worry because torrent also has the resume download feature From which You Can Also Resume Your Torrent Easily.

Means to say you do not Need To Refresh Webpage Everytime And User Won’t Be Interrupted During Download Of Thier Files Wheather It’s Anything Movies, Songs Etc.Best Part Of torrent is You Can Download Your Files Without Any Problem & Virus.However, Some Of the torrents contain Virus.So We will suggest you not to download any file from any Low-Quality Torrent Sites And For this, We have Listed The Best Torrent Sites.

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Best Fast Torrent Sites 2016

There Are Alot Of Torrent sites on the internet But We Dont Know Which Is the Best One For Downloading Files.after so many Searches we have collected some list of best torrent websites and then We’ve Posted the list of 22 Best Torrent Sites in This Article.

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Different Between Torrent Sites And Best Torrent Sites? Have you ever think? Why we were suggesting, you use only Best Torrent Sites Which Were Suggested by users.The answer of this question is We have listed & define each and Every torrent website.So From This User Doesn’t feel Dificulty While Choosing the Best one.

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Top 22 Fast Best Torrent Sites

  • Kickass
  • Torrentz
  • ExtraTorrent
  • ThePirateBay
  • RarBG
  • Yify-Torrents
  • IsoHunt
  • EZTV
  • BitSnoop
  • 1337x
  • Monova
  • BitTorrents
  • LimeTorrents
  • Sumo Torrent
  • Mini Nova
  • Torrenthound
  • TorrentBox
  • SeedPeer
  • TorrentFunk
  • TorLock
  • GamesTorrents
  • Torrents

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#1. Kickass Torrent

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Kickass torrents come under the best torrent sites 2016. This site was founded in 2009 and the site has gained a lot of exposure and fame. For users who use Stream for long, let me clear one thing for you, this is our old site Torrent –, but recently, the name of this site is modified. This site is also prohibited in many countries, but you can access the site using any VPN, proxy, etc.For this you can use Opera Free Vpn Service.

Visit Kickass Website now – Kickass

#2. Torrentz

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

This site is basically a kind of search engine that lets you search for a file and display the results of other sites that show torrents available on various torrent sites. It is very useful if you want to download a torrent instantly without losing too much time. So, this site has gained Rank 3 in the top of the 2016 torrent sites.

Visit Torrentz Website Now – Torrentz

#3. ExtraTorrent

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

ExtraTorrent comes under the 3rd best torrent sites, this site is the best one directory which hosts tons of tons that even some sites violate policies. This site even changed their domain name extension from .com to .cc many issues.Moreover, ban it best torrent site has some other features as well as a health indicator to show the health of any of the torrent file before Download.

Visit Extra Torrent Now – ExtraTorrent

#4. ThePirateBay

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent websites, and it is popular for providing various software cracks. This site is mainly used to download songs, software, etc. He is currently ranked 192 in the world.This Torrent Site is updated in regular period of time.Moreover, This site is available in 30 languages.

Visit ThePirateBay from Here – ThePirateBay

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#5. RarBG

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

RarBG Torrent Site Is The One Of The Best Torrent Sites Which Is Started Some Years Before And Previous It Was Blocked In US But Now It’s Unblocked in the US And This Site Contents Are High-Quality Torrents Which help you To Download Files Faster.

Visit RarBG From Here – RarBG

#6. Yify Torrents

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Yify Has Just Launched Thier Torrent Service Before 3 Years And In These 3 Years, It Got Huge Place And Ranked #5 In The Fast Best Torrent Sites And For Downloading Best Quality Torrents Contents With Higher Download Speed.

Visit YIFY Torrents From Here – YIFY Torrents

#7. Iso Hunt

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

So Guys IsoHunt Was Launched 3 Years Ago in 2013 This Site ESpecially For Games Etc For downloading High-Quality Games For Any Platform Wheather Its Pc or Ps2 Or Ps3 You Can Download All With Iso Hunt.

Visit ISO Hunt Website From Here – Iso Hunt

#8. EZTV

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

EZTV Is Search Engine Of Torrents Like Or It Will Search High-Quality Torrents Of Your Search Terms And Give You a Better Torrent link To Download Your File In Good And High Download Speed And EZTV Is Consider As a Top Best Torrent Sites Which Will be Considered as Great.

Visit EZTV Website From here – EZTV

#9. BitSnoop

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

BitSnoop Is One Of The Best And Most Famous Torrent Downloading Sites Which Allows Its Users To Search And Download Thier Favourite Torrents Directly Via BitSnoop You No Need To go Any Search Engine Torrent Website To Search Torrents And Then Download Them Download Directly From There.

You Can Visit BitSnoop From Here – BitSnoop

#10. 1337X

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

1337X Is Community Based Torrent Site Where Users Share Thier Torrent Files With Others Users And With the Help Of Them Others Can take Benefit And Download Most of The Torrents Shared By Community users Which Can Be Free Of Virus Or Maybe Virus File.

Visit 1337X Website From here – 1337X

#11. Monova

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Monovo Is Another Torrent Search Engine Based Site Like above Ones Which We’ve Mentioned Its Also Ranked In Top Best Torrent Sites And It Will Considered as Best And it Directly allows Users to Search And Download Thier Favourite Torrent using Monova.

Visit monova Website From Here – Monovo

#12. BitTorrents

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

this Is The One Best & Biggest Torrent Site And Alternative Of Utorrent but the limitation of this site is that it does not allow you to download torrent files Instead, they download it to their server and will provide a direct link Torrent. Users are limited to 100 MB only. This is the reason why I ranked this site on the last row in the list of the best torrent sites.

You Can Visit BitTorrent Site From Here – BiTTorrent

#13. LimeTorrents

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

This site is created many years ago, but gain fame and popularity for the past two years. This site has even appeared in the news this year. This year Lime Torrent has its place in the list of best 2016 torrent sites.

Visit Lime Torrents From Here – LimeTorrents

#14. Sumo Torrent

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

What is new torrent site that has made its position in the best torrent sites list.You can get a list of the best movies, TV shows, games, music and Anime torrent list and a search engine that you download a torrent file.

Visit Sumo Torrent Website From Here – SumoTorrent

#15. Mini Nova

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Mininova was established in 2005, is one of the popular torrent sites, but we can say it is one of the best torrent site where you can download your favorite files with ease. The best part about this site is that you can also download torrents there, which is one of the best feature of Mini Nova making it one of the best torrent site

Visit MiniNova Torrent Website From here – MiniNova

#16. TorrentHound

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

TorrentHound is one of the best torrent site in 2016 with an average of 2 visitors second.This site has over 85 lakh torrent files with more than 40 crore seeds.On home, you can view the most downloaded torrent files containing the latest movies, games etc. Torrent Hound is very popular torrent site worldwide with world-class 2071

Visit TorrentHound From here – TorrentHound

#17. TorrentBox

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

TorrentBox Is One Of The Best & Optimized Torrent Site Of This Year 2016 This Torrent Site Is Totally 100% Free From any kind Of Malware Or Viruses So Feel Free To Download Torrents From This Site.

Visit TorrentBox From here – TorrentBox

#18. SeedPeer

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

We Already Know The Higher Is Seeds & Peers And Higher Is The Downloading Speed Of Your Torrents So Guys This Site Is Specially Ranked For This Factor In Best Torrent Sites Visit The Site and Download Your Favourite Files.

Visit SeedPeer Website From Here – SeedPeer

#19. TorrentFunk

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Worried About The Files Is Verified Or Not Then Try TorrentFunk And Forget Your Worries Because in TorrentFunk Users are Sharing Only Verified Files For Thier Readers And Downloaders And From We Can Download Our Verified Files.

Visit TorrentFunk Website From Here – TorrentFunk

#20. TorLock

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Torrent Lock Is Another Best Torrent Sites Which Allows Users To Download Files Based On Users Rating Means To say Wheather The File is Good or ot Its Already rated By users And For Bieng Safe Side Follow Ratings And Then Download Files From Torlock.

Visit TorLock Torrent Website From Here – TorLock

#21. GamesTorrents

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

GamesTorrents Is Specially a Game Torrents Downloads Sites From Which You Can Download Torrents Of Latest Games Etc. Fro Free And From This Factor GamesTorrents Is Ranking on Top Best Torrent Sites 

Visit GamesTorrents From Here – GamesTorrents

#22. Torrents

Top Fast Best Torrent Sites 2016

Torrents Is Also A Great Website Like Above Ones Its Allows user TO Download Verified Files Shared By Premium Users For Free Without Any Monthly Subscription And It Is This The Most Ranking Factor Of This Site.Take Much Benefit Of This Site By Downloading Verified Torrents For Free.

Visit Torrents From Here – Torrents


Got your answers? what you are looking for? Means to say if you are looking for the Fast & Best Torrent Sites Then you are at right place.Moreover, In this article we have Defined each and Every Website from which you may felt easy to Look which one Is best for downloading files.

These above listed sites are good and Best if you are Really want good download speed from any torrent file then We will suggest you to Choose the Best Torrent Sites From The Top 10 Which We have listed above.At Last, Thanks For Reading our whole article.If you like it then don’t Hesitate to Share.Because Sharing is Caring.

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