How To Download And Install Pokemon Go Apk On Android Phone

Pokemon Go app is becoming one of the trending application nowadays and everyone is installing Pokemon Go in their Android device. As many of them might be searching the application on play store but they might be not finding this application because it is not available in many countries and this is the reason behind not getting the application. In this article, I am going to tell you about how to Download Pokemon Go apk on your android device. How to play Pokemon Go in your Android smartphone.

Pokemon Go is recently launched on Google play store and it is having the different concept of playing in which you are the trainer and you need to walk around and find the Pokemon’s. This is really very funny, interested and amazing game in today’s time. This is the advantage of this application.Moreover, You May also like Our Previous shared modded apps Like Titanium Backup Pro.If you want to play this game then you need to enable GPS on your device and then you can roam around and play this game.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

Pokemon go apk

Pokemon Go Apk

Pokemon Go app has broken all the records on play store and now it is having the highest downloads on Google play store. This is just because of the uniqueness of the game which has made the game a big success of the world. This game Developer took 20 years to get built and what will be the concept of this game and idea which is going to be used while creating this game.

Seems Interesting? Yeah !!! So Without wasting time let’s move to installation part.

Pokemon Go apk For Android?

Pokemon Go is available in U.S and U.K and the best thing of this is that you don’t need to do more stuffs to download Pokemon Go apk in your device. You just need a browser and you can download this game from your device easily in some clicks.Moreover, You may also like our Recently posted application named Spotify Premium apk.

Again? Seems Interesting? Let’s Move further.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

Why is Pokemon Go app not available in Our Country?

Most of the times what happens is when you download any game in your device. Which is not available in your country we often see that those applications doesn’t works in other countries such as India, Nepal and etc. The reason behind not available on play store is that there are chances of the accident in this countries.

When the game was launched on Play store there have been an massive incidents talking about the accidents while catching the Pokemons this then while playing this game you need to make sure that you play safe because of the accidents are happening in this countries.

So, Let’s get started with the tutorial of Download Pokemon Go game and before starting lets see at the advantages and limitations of this application.

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Most of you are thinking where is advantages, Limitations etc.So Just Drop down the post and You will find it.


  • You can play this game by working in your streets.
  • Totally new concept of the game in which you need a GPS.
  • Works in every city and country.
  • No root required and you don’t need to do many settings to start this application.
  • It doesn’t consumes more data in of your device.
  • Doesn’t consumes more battery even if the GPS is turned on.


  • Sometimes this application misbehaves such as you cant choose your desired nick name
  • This application is having a Server maintenance most of the time.
  • Your Google Account data is fully exposed to Pokemon go team.
  • Play Safe while playing this game.


  • Pokemon Go Application: Download | Play Store
  • Internet connection enabled
  • GPS Enabled in your device.
  • Patience.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go On Your Android device

  • Firstly download Pokemon go apk in your device.
  • Now, you might get an installation block warning in your device.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

  • Click on settings and now, check tick the unknown source.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

  • Now, try installing the application on your device.
  • Open the application and select your birthdate.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

  • Now, Click on Google and you will be able to see your Google accounts.
  • Now, sign in and choose your nick name and then done.
  • Throw Pokeball and that Pokemon will be caught automatically.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

  • That’s it You have Successfully installed Pokemon go apk on Your Device.

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Screenshots of Pokemon Go app

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android (Latest Version)

Look’s Good till now? 🙂 Moreover, If you are facing any Difficulties then read our F.A.Q’s Below.Till You may like to See our article Best Web Browser For Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 – I cannot choose my nickname and it always says not available.

A1 – Even the name rupinder was not available I tried using rupinderr.

Q2 – Sometimes the server is error in my device?

A2 – Try installing fake GPS and thrn choose Australia and when the game starts then delete your application.

Q3 – How to Catch Pikachu in start of pokemon go?

A3 – Try not to catch any Pokemon in the start and it will suggest you many Pokemon. After suggesting 4 to 5 times. This will show you Pikachu.

Final Words

This was the tutorial about how to download Pokemon go Apk on your android device. If you face any difficulty feel free to comment below. Thank you for visiting and keep visiting amaze tricks for more tips and tricks like this and I will meet you in the next one.

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