3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android – No Root Required

Hello, Mates today I am here to share about Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android. As we know there are many apps available in play store about Wi-Fi hacking but many of them are just used as pranks. They don’t actually hack wifi but show as hacked but we can’t connect to the internet. the apps which I am gonna share today can be used in both rooted and non-rooted phones. So it’s easy for everyone to hack the Wi-Fi of friends, college, neighbours etc.

Wifi hacking apps for android

This App cannot hack all the Wi-Fi routers. This can only hack the specific Wi-Fi which has WPS enabled. If the router is WPS enabled, we can be 99% sure that these apps can crack the password of the Wi-Fi. Even though there are many methods available to hack Wi-Fi, like using Kali Linux, Terminal Emulator, this method is safe and takes less time.

Moreover, These Wifi hacking apps support both rooted and non-rooted devices.Previously, We have shared about Best Root apps Which includes Some WiFi Hacking apps too, but the possibilities of hacking the Wi-Fi is more on rooted devices than the non-rooted devices. If the rooted devices have Busybox installed then it will surely hack the Wi-Fi.

3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

Wifi hacking apps

So Let’s get into the matter and check what are the apps and how to hack the Wi-Fi using these Best Wifi Hacking apps.

Well, You Don’t need to be a techie to use these wifi hacking apps Just you need to have a Simple Rooted android device with busybox installed That’s it and Then you are good to go.Seems Interesting Right? Let Me make it clear, Good rooted android device means you are really good to go by installing those apps and trying them one by one.I am sure one of those apps will surely work for you.

3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps 

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#1 WPS WPA Tester

WPS WPA Tester is the first app which was available on play store for cracking the Wi-Fi password. This app is available for both rooted and non-rooted users, but to be frank it works like a charm in rooted phones than non-rooted phones. even though its best app for cracking the passwords. If the router is highly secured this app may not work, then you can try with other apps over here. So just download this app from below link and install and enjoy hacking Wi-Fi passwords.

3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android


#2 Andro Dumper

This is also a perfect app for cracking the Wi-Fi passwords. This app works flawlessly in the non-rooted phones, so we need not worry about this app. If the router is WPS enabled and we have the pin of the router (generally pin consists of 8 number) then we just need to enter this pin as a custom number and it connects directly ( this pin will be available downside of some routers) . This app generates pin of the routers using MAC address and this app can’t crack the password if the router is MAC filtered. Download the app from below link and enjoy hacking.

3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android


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#3 WPS Connect

This is the last Wi-Fi hacking app which we are going to share. This app stays at the 3rd place because this app only works on rooted devices and doesn’t work on non-rooted devices. This app can be used to crack the Wi-Fi passwords of the router only in rooted devices and this just needs root permission. Download the app from below link and use it.

3 Best WiFi Hacking Apps For Android



That’s all guys these are the apps which you can use to hack the Wi-Fi passwords of the routers which doesn’t have much security. If there are any queries, please let us know them by commenting below.Moreover, If Faced any difficulties While installing those apps let us know.

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