5 Tips To track your Fitness Using Smartwatches

Now that we have the technology to take off many of our important things like Reminders, Messages, Emails, the Internet, Hotspot, One-tap sharing and much more. There is no end to the technology development, which is allowing us to unpredictable things. There is no bound to the technology, which has offered us several options and features to make our lives comfortable.

However, according to the research, a University has said that students and employees have become even lazier than before. The research was to find out the core reasons behind the laziness. The university has stated that they are looking into several areas and angles so that they can be sure about the problem which is involved in the issue.

Amazingly, the latest technology is playing 79% of the role into it, which has also opened up opportunities for those who are lacking in fitness.

5 Tip’s To Track Your Fitness Using Smartwatches

Smartphones are incredibly popular, and then the market for the accessories have become huge in the world. That is one of the primary reasons why the major brands are motivated to launch new gadgets into the market. Apple has announced their first smartwatch, which took off on the sales chart after the start, which has also motivated other competitor like Samsung to come up with Galaxy Gear.

There is no harm in owning a Best smartwatch, but if you don’t use it at full capacity, then there is no point in having a smartwatch at the first place. Fitness is a crucial part of every human being life, which helps a person in tone their body. If you can track your exercise, then you will be able to understand yourself even more and will be able to perform better. So we are going to take you short tour of Tips for Your Fitness.

Inbuilt Apps

Smartwatches equipped with several sensors which added so that you can use it as a fitness band. You can find fitness apps like Samsung – “S health,” Apple “I Health.” You can use these inbuilt apps on your smartwatch to track your exercises and explore more on it.

Not only you will be able to track but also make a good use it by understanding your workout and measure them with the previous one’s then you can make few improvements.


A lot of users are unaware of the apps, or they just don’t care to open them to check out their features and put them to the test. Even I have been on the list until the day has come to use it for my workout.

The first thing what you should be doing is to check out the features which an inbuilt has to offer for your workout. If you are a beginner, then most of the inbuilt apps will suffice, but if you are one of those who likes to go for an intense workout, then I would recommend you go the external apps from the market.

Running & Jogging

Most of the smartwatches connected to smartphones, which enables your Internet connection then you can leave for the jogging. The amazing part of the exercise is that when you are working out, then the watch will calculate how many KMS you have covered in some minutes. Not only that, but you can also check on how many calories you have burned during that period.


What is the point of having a metric of your daily workout if you are not taking your time and figure out where you are making mistakes and end up investing more time on the wrong exercise? You have to take a break then start comparing your workouts with the previous one, which recorded in the database. Most of the apps have an inbuilt database for you so that you can keep them saved then use that metric to improve your workouts.

Note: You have to ensure that you have signed up using your email so that the reports will be saved to your account

Set Challenges

We have mentioned that you can check your previous exercise reports in the database. You can compare your previous statistics so that you can gain more knowledge on the workouts and the number of calories you are burning every day. On a daily basis, you should compare it so that you can improve the results and many people do not focus on this part.

You should start setting new goals and challenges into the health apps and make sure to teach them on a daily basis and you can expect and improve the results.


If you are wondering, what will improve with the statistics? You will improve your health and also time. When you can spot your mistakes, then you can avoid it to save time. We would love to know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.


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